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On average there are over 50 unique parts in every campervan electrical system. Simplify your electrical installation by purchasing everything in one simple order.

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You can be assured everything required for installation is included in your order so no need to order spare parts halfway through your build.

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We aim to fulfill every order within 3 -5 working days so that you can start building in no time.

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If there are any problems with your order rest easy knowing we'll be here to help make things right.

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custom wiring diagram

Every order includes a custom wiring diagram show you exactly where each cable and fuse should be installed.

illustrated installation guide

To make your installation as easy as possible we'll provide you with a complete illustrated installation guide which will give you detailed instructions on how to install each individual system.

Expert support

We'll be on hand throughout your installation if you have any questions or would like a second opinion.

Optimsed system

We've created out system to be as simple as possible to install. By combining your busbars and fuses into one simple box you can reduce the number of lugs required by over 50% which has to added reducing the failure points.

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Unlimted modifications

Everybody's system is different so you are welcome to make as many changes as you like free of charge before ordering.

Fully Customisable

you might already have some bits and pieces for your installation. That's ok. Just let us know which parts you need to exclude and we can remove them from your system.

Mix and Match

Even if you only need part of a complete system we'll be more than happy to help

System Upgrades

If you already have a system installed in your campervan and your just looking for some upgrades we can help inspect your current system and upgrade it to suit your needs.


Everything required to install your electrical system inside your campervan is included in the final cost. 

We will size all the cables for you and ensure you are using the correct fuse sizes. This also includes all the required lugs and heat shrink required to complete your system.

Each system also includes a FREE personalised wiring diagram as well as an illustrated installation guide. The wiring diagram will include cable and fuse sizes for each system.

A summary of all the parts of each system is shown below,

Battery System – 

– Deep Cycle AGM/Lithium leisure battery
– Victron Energy isolation switch
– Combi fuse holder/Lynx distributor
– Negative busbar (Combi fuse holder only)
– Mega fuse
– 1m red single-core battery cable
– 2m black single-core battery cable
– All required lugs and heat shrink

Solar System –

– Monocrystalline solar panel
– Victron Energy smart MPPT controller
– Solar Z-brackets
– Single solar roof gland x2
– MC4 connectors
– Midi fuse
– 14m of TUV black solar cable
– All required lugs and heat shrink

Battery To Battery System-

– Victron Energy Orion DC-DC charger
– 5m red single-core cable
– 5m black single-core cable
– Midi fuse holder
– Midi fuse x2
– All required lugs and heat shrink

Battery Charging System- 

– Victron Energy battery charger (7A -30A)
– Deluxe double pole consumer unit
– White flush fitting mains inlet
– 10m 2.5mm² 3-core Artic blue flex cable
– 2m 6mm² earth cable
– 1m red single-core cable
– 1m black single-core cable
– Midi fuse x2
– All required lugs and heat shrink

Inverter System- 

– Victron Energy pure sine wave phoenix inverter (250VA – 2000VA)
– Standard/Deluxe double pole consumer unit (inverter output)
– 13A 230V domestic plug
– 10m 2.5mm² 3-core Artic blue flex cable
– 1m red single-core cable
– 2m black single-core cable
– 2m 6mm² earth cable
– Midi fuse
– All required lugs and heat shrink

Inverter/Charger System

– Victron Energy Multiplus (500VA – 2000VA)
– Standard double pole consumer unit (Multiplus Input)
– Deluxe double pole consumer unit (Multiplus Output)
– White flush fitting mains inlet
– 10m 2.5mm² 3-core Arctic blue flex cable
– 1m red single-core cable
– 2m black single-core cable
– 4m 6mm² earth cable
– Midi/Mega fuse
– All required lugs and heat shrink

12V System –

– 12-way circuit 12V fuse box
– Victron Energy isolation switch
– 1m red single-core wire
– 1m black single-core wire
– Midi fuse
– All required lugs and heat shrink

We do not install the system for customers. Although, we do make it super easy for you to do it yourself.

With a custom wiring diagram and illustrated installation guide, you’ll be able to install it with no bother. We’ll also be a phone call away in case you have any questions.

We always recommend getting the system signed off by a professional.

It is impossible to be 100% accurate when it comes to off-grid calculations but we can make some pretty solid assumptions to make our calculations as accurate as possible.

We’ve listed the assumptions we have made to ensure a good margin of error is already built into our calculations so you can trust our off-grid times,

  • Solar panels are only 70% efficient
  • 4 hours of sunlight during the summer months
  • 1.5 hours of sunlight during the winter months
  • Inverters are 90% efficient at converting 12V power into 230V power.
  • Lithium batteries can be safely discharged 100%, deep cycle AGM batteries can be safely discharged 80%.


We are in the middle of writing up a detailed summary of how we calculate your daily usage which we will link here when available.

If there are any appliances you would like us to add, please just let us know.

Once you’ve built your system and requested a final quote we will be in touch within 48 Hours.

You can ammend this quote as many times are you like before we send across secure payment invoice.

Once payment has been made delivery usually takes between 3-5 working days and we will keep you updated on the progress of your order.

While waiting for your system to be delivered we’ll send across your personalised wiring diagram and illustrated installtion guide.

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Josh - Full Time Van Lifer
Josh - Full Time Van Lifer
Read More
When it came to converting a van the one thing I was most anxious about was the electrical system. As i wanted to work from the van, the electrical system was going to be complicated. After finding Vunked, I was easily able to input what appliances I wanted to run and within the day I already had a plan back on what I needed. After a scheduled call I felt excited about what was to come, with everything sorted for me. Once ordered, all components came with 3 days along with a helpful insulation guide. It took me a less than a days work to complete the system using the guide and extra help from the lads at Vunked. It is now fully installed and working like a charm. Would 100% recommend these guys, they’re so helpful, convenient and overall nice lads! Thank you Vunked!
Chris - Happy Camper
Chris - Happy Camper
Read More
Exceptional customer service from Alan. Quality goods supplied. The installation guide is easy to use I would highly recommend Vunked for anyone who may find the electrical system installation daunting. Thanks Chris.
Douglas - Nomad
Douglas - Nomad
Read More
Thanks to the installation guide this was a piece of cake to install! Thanks Vunked!


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